Ricardo Roig (Artist)

“When I first wanted to exhibit my art in my hometown of Westfield, I visited Evalyn Dunn Gallery. Jaclyn asked me why I wanted to be represented by her as opposed to other local galleries. I remember my answer was simply, “Why would I go anywhere else? I want to be with the best!” EDG was my first choice and I’m so happy that Jaclyn accepted me into her gallery. If she didn’t then I would have felt as if I was settling as no other gallery in the area has such a rich history, depth of client base, or has the amazing gallery space and experience that EDG provides. Jaclyn is also an extremely kind woman who works very hard. She knows art and it runs in her blood as her family business has been apart of Westfield’s cultural hub for decades. Jacie has always been very direct with me and I appreciate her upfront honesty when critiquing new work. My limited edition hand cut screen prints have been a hit because of her and her talented staff. She does a great job at promoting my art and has had my work in several print publications in my short time being exclusively represented by her.”

October 1, 2017