“I wanted to tell everyone what a magnificent job Jackie and Joe did on framing some very old, and very treasured garments, and pictures belonging to my family. They created my first and only family heirlooms. They did 2 pieces for us. The first was a 58 year old christening gown that mother and daughter had both worn. The second piece was a sweater set that was made for my daughter by her grandmother who has since passed away. These things were mounted on a beautiful dark blue background, surrounded by pictures and labels to identify the items, the people and the dates and enclosed in a shadowbox frame. Jackie helped me pick out the background and frame and together with Joe put together a beautiful display of our family. I wish you could see what they created for us. I can’t thank them enough. I would recommend Evalyn Dunn’s Gallery to everyone. They achieve perfection in their work, paying attention to every detail. And I didn’t have to wait long for these things to be done either. This family operated business takes a personal interest in each project they undertake, and they treat their customers with warmth, and kindness. Don’t hesitate to call them with any of your artistic questions or needs. Thank you, to all of you at EDG!”

July 2, 2017