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Life and colours are bursting from the canvas, and enchanting mixture of movement and light Lavender fields, olive trees, flowers in the bend of a path are all painted in a delicate and feminine style. She brings her still life paintings alive with delightful realism; stolen moments from a flower or fruit transport us into the paintings. Cora is a self-taught artist. Since she was a child, she has been fascinated with painting and drawing. By the age of twenty, she was already an accomplished, professional painter selling her work to galleries and corporate clients throughout the country. The vibrations of a world filled with radiate from Cora's palette and we feel that happiness through the richness and subtlety of her colours. She has chosen Provence for her home. Her love for the region shows in her landscapes which invite us to explore the area. Although she is fond of pastel and the wonderful richness of its shades, she is drawn to the depths of oil painting in which she can completely express herself. after ten years of self-expression and work with his master in the pure Korean tradition, she went to Hong University in Seoul for formal training in visual arts. In 1994 she moved to Provence and discovered the wonderful lifestyle of the area, made popular in Peter Mayle's stories. As a result her work is evolving to be in perfect harmony with the colours of the Provence countryside.
New Oil Painting – Cora